It is a free bingo game application that can be used on PC or smartphone.
The time of the secretary is shortened by the Web browser!
For fun bingo competition events, party after wedding reception and online year-end parties.
Supports Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS.
Large-scale online bingo competitions can also be held!


It is a bingo application that can hold a bingo competition very easily with just a smartphone!

The BINGO does not require account registration or application installation, and it is very easy to hold a bingo competition simply by sharing the URL!
Since the production of Bingo Reach and the number of participants are also shared in real time, it can be used at party after wedding reception and events while drinking alcohol such as the company's year-end party!


The BINGO is used in various situations such as
online events, party after wedding reception, and company memorial ceremony!

How to use

①Open the bingo machine
Open the parent bingo machine. Share the URL of the bingo card using LINE, Facebook or Twitter!
②Open the bingo card
Click on the shared URL to create a Bingo Card. Only one bingo card is made for one person.
③Turn the bingo
When the cards are distributed, just turn the bingo! The page that come out of the bingo machine are automatically reflected on the bingo card.

Support system for paid plans

There are a lot of supprtl! Please contact the customer who is considering it once!

Operation manual

We will distribute materials of operation explanation of THE BINGO in an easy-to-understand manner.

Support until introduction

We will support the operation of THE BINGO carefully until the end by the day of the Bingo competition.

Issue a fixed URL

It is possible to issue a dedicated URL and use the QR code for printing etc.


Many achievements!

Available at more than 60,000 venues!

So far, Bingo machines from THE BINGO have been used at more than 60,000 venues, and bingo competitions have been held!

Many track records in corporations!

There are also many track records at events such as corporate year-end parties and anniversary ceremonies, so you can use it with confidence.

Many track records used by more than 100 people!

There are many track records of more than 100 people, and there is a sense of stability that even a large number of people can hold a bingo competition without problems.

Online bingo option

It is possible to add an optional function that lets you know who became a bingo!

Contact us

Recommended for customers who want to identify who became bingo at the bingo!


①Can I use it for free?

THE basic functions of THE BINGO are available for free! Please use it at party after wedding reception or the year-end party of the company. However, for commercial events, if you use it for 31 or more people, it will be charged, so please change to the standard plan and use it.

② Maximum uers of bingo game

THE The free plan of THE BINGO allows 30 people to enjoy bingo. If you want to hold a bingo competition with 31 to 200 people, there is a standard plan charged , so please change the plan and use it. Please contact us as it will be a special plan if you use it for more than 201 people.

③If you accidentally close a page on a bingo machine or a page on a bingo card, is it from the beginning?

The BINGO remembers the page that came out last time, so whether you close the page or reload it, the same page appear when you reopen it. If the URL of the card is the same, you will see exactly the same page, so you can not cheat. In addition, even if you join from the middle, you can display the bingo card to reflect the page that have appeared so far.

④Is there membership registration etc?

There is no membership registration at THE BINGO. Anyone can easily join the bingo simply by sharing the URL.

Supprting browser

The BINGO supports the latest versions of the following browsers.

※ Internet Explorer is not supported.